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Art Prints

Techno Terriers - Assorted Terriers using a computer

Techno Terriers

Dale Cottage - Airedale and or Welsh Terriers build a house

Dale Cottage

Rough Terrier School - Assorted Terriers at school

Rough Terrier School

Airedale Story board


Riverside Airedale Or Welsh Terriers


Airedale Puppies at 6 weeks old

The Puppies

Airedale Slide

Otter Chaos

Wire Haired Fox Terrier - Slide

Fox Terrier Slide

Army Airedales from WW11

Army Dogs






Christmas Cards


...And a Partridge in a pear tree

"Busted" Christmas Cards

Who let the Dogs Out

Christmas Cards - Table Raiders

Christmas Cards - "Christmas Eve"


Christmas Wishes

Royal Dale


My Bunny!

The Naughty Penguins -Xmas Cards

camper sleigh

Bedlingtons Sleigh - Xmas Card

The  One with the Donkey - Xmas Card


Dog On Wheels - Xmas Cards

Bedlingtons Snowman - Christmas Card

New for 2012 "LIttle Angel"

Teddy Bears

Fox Terrier Slide Xmas Card

Clumsy Airedale

CamperSki - Christmas Cards

Dear Santa I've been good

Back of card




Airedale Terrier, Lakeland Terrier & Welsh Terrier


Blonde's Have More Fun Birthday Cards



Learning Through Play


Gone To Bed Cards

Gone to bed - Alice

Gone To Bed Cards

Gone to bed - Bruce

Gone To Bed Cards

Gone to bed - Clouseau

Gone To Bed Cards

Gone to bed - Posy

Gone To Bed Cards

Gone to bed - Gemma

Gone To Bed Cards

Gone to bed - Never

Gone To Bed Cards

Gone to bed - Noggin

Gone To Bed Cards

Gone to bed - Winnie

Waterbabies - Duck

waterbabies Duck

Waterbabies - Fountain

waterbabies fountain

Waterbabies - Frog

waterbabies Frog

Waterbabies - Koi

waterbabies Koi Carp

expected November 2005

Gardener's World

Good luck or congratulations ........coming soon



Birthday Card

Guardian Angels

 Aire Force


Curious Puppy Note Cards

curious puppy Cards

curious puppy Gift Tags




Books , Gifts & Collectables


Airedale Story Book





Hanging ornaments



Fridge Magnets









The webmaster (below) can be contacted by email - ragtailonaire@aol.com



National Airedale Rescue


Ornaments for breed rescue. Limited edition of  250 numbered pieces.

To date the ornaments have raised over $20,000  for breed rescue.






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