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Home of The Ragtail Airedale Terriers


My Lakeland Terrier Magazine 2005

You can visit their site via the links  page


Hi Ann, I have some of your  artwork and always get wonderful compliments from those who take the time to look closely at your detail  work. Thank you for sharing your gift of art as well of your love for Airedales too.
Kristine Thomason
T.A.R.T  ( Texas Airedale Rescue Team) Houston
Maggie May
Cinder Ella


Kendal Sterling


I've been at your web site much of the day, and have laughed (and occasionally cried) over the pictures of your dogs and the memories they bring back of my own Airedales, some of which are gone now. I must tell you, your art work is astonishing. You have managed to capture the expressiveness of Airedales, their body movements and their natural impishness. Your drawings are just delightful. Oh, I wish we were not an ocean apart, and could have a picnic and allow our Airedales to romp together! We are down to one Airedale now, an affectionate and very playful boy named Ike, who is nearly 10 but doesn't have the sense to realize it yet. He would have such fun with your dogs!  Our first Airedale was descended from an English Airedale (Ch. Jokyl Superman), and I've always had a fondness for English Airedales.


Lydia Ross.


"Oh Annie, it is sooooo wonderful, words just can't convey how great it is.
I'm in love with the whole darn thing!  I love the background color, sagey green-my most favorite color! 

"Never" truly just leaps off the paper!!  It's so lifelike, it's uncanny....hope I can sleep with her watching me<G>.LOL."


Joey Warren USA

subject: Schnauzer Cards

Rendered mute.  I've never seen my friend so speechless in her
life (except for the time she was showing her oldest SS in obedience
and he left his heel to go pee on one of the gates).  She left here
muttering and shaking her head, so over the moon is she with the
Houston print and cards.
there's just no way to thank you properly or to convey just how
much we all love this work.


Fayettevill, New York, USA


"It arrived and it is just beautiful.   I love both of them!!!!!!  Thanks so much.  I feel very flattered to have your original"


Carol Usher     Colchester, VT

You have to know that your depictions of the Airedale are a major source of creative inspiration for me! I'm brought to near tears when I feel the emotion of your love of them - AND your ability to make that emotion visible!

Pamela McGarry   USA

Dear Annie:  Received the most wonderful Airedale statue!!!  It is so life-like, it's incredible.  It definitely portrays an Airedale's pose.  Thanks a million...I am so excited.  I said it would be for Bill but it's really for me---how about for us!  That works!!  I can't tell you enough how thrilled I am.  All the best, Pam.

Hello Ann,

I found your website and I already ordered additional packs. Thanks so much. You really capture the Airedale essence - frivolity, clown, full of personality & fun, a sense of awe and wonder and curious about everything. Thank you so much for your beautiful art.

Deborah Kowaleski USA

I just discovered your site today.   I am absolutely amazed - unbelievable!!!  I have two Airedales and have never ever seen anything (and so much!!), so adorable, representing the breed!!     I can't wait to view the entire site and to place some orders!!!!!!!!

Liz Pando in Colorado

Hi Ann, I received my cards today and I love them!!  Thanks for the super fast shipping and the great product.  I look forward to shopping with you again in the future………………………….Denae Frieling



BARB AND HER WIRES (R DALKA= 1008rd on ebay)




















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