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Home of The Ragtail Airedale Terriers


 note:  the "gallery" is pretty much like the "Dog Gallery" ... it just has a few more people in it....


Click the picture below to view Wedding Snapshots



William, Sarah and I at Edwin & Tracey's wedding Nell mugs Janetpresentation in Finland


THE RAGTAIL KIDS - Edwin & Rachael


Edwin almost 3 years

Rachael 3 years

Rachael with Never 2001




Rachael feeding Babe

Rachael with Babe 1997

Rachael with cousins Daniel & Richard

Superman & Catwoman ( Chris & Rachael )

Richard - Rachael & Edwin's Cousin
Edwin & TraceySuperman & Nephew Declyn  

Monday's child is red and spotty

    Tuesday's child won't use his potty

    Wednesday's child wont go to bed

Thursday's child will not be fed

  Friday's child breaks all his toys

       Saturday's child makes an awful noise

And the child that is born on the Sabbath day

Is a pain in the neck like the rest - OK?


Declyn's Nursery



just after the mother ship dropped him off...

Declyn walking Never


Can I have it? Racoon Boy


Tilly's Nursery


  Mummy & her little Princess

Cousin Eleni with Flo & Rupee
















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