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Fridge Magnets

Wonderful metal magnets

Beautifully produced by Jan Williams,

Arctic Aire, Alaska USA

  from my original watercolour artwork.

2.125" x 3.375"  inches with curved corners

with strong metal magnet at the back

Selfie - 1 available

Birthday 1 Available

Koi   1 Available

Frog 1 Available

Fountain 1 Available

Duck 1 Available

Howly Night   1 Available

Who Let The Dogs Out 1 Available

We Three Kings SOLD

Camper Sleigh 1 Available

My Bunny 1 Available

Clouseau  1 Available

Posy 1 Available

Winnie  1 Available

Gemma 1 Available

Never  1 Available

Noggin 1 Available

Bruce 1 Available

Alice 1 Available

True  1 in stock

Aire Rescue 1 available

Leda  Sold

Guardian Angels  Sold

Little Angel 1 Available

Dog On Wheels SOLD

Brown Dog On Wheels 1 Available

Fox Terrier on Wheels  3 in stock

Bear 1 available

Irish Cobb 1 available

PC.Airedale  1 in stock

Sing Terrier 1 Available

Camper Ski sold

Nell 1 available

Caleb Run 1 in stock

Clydesdale 1 in stock

Sexy Lexie  1 Available

Flo 1 available

Where Did He Go 1 Available

The One With The Horses 1 in stock

Christmas with Caleb sold

Labradoodle 1 in stock

Typical Sit 1 Available

The King 1 Available

Mini Schnauzer 1 Available

Springer Spaniel 1 in stock

Chocolate Point Siamese 1 Available

Blue Point Siamese 1 in stock

Bernese Girl 1 in stock

Bernese Boy 1 in stock



7 + post


When ordering magnets please let me know which design you would like. Thank you


United Kingdom (includes post cost)


All Other Countries excluding USA


How many?
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How many?
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How many?
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Magnets are available from Jan Williams

Arctic Aire. Alaska USA

Please email her