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Home of The Ragtail Airedale Terriers

Dog Gallery

The dog gallery page is picture intensive - please be patient while it loads.


 Winnie  1991- 2000

Loudwell Gwenhwyvar of Ragtail

Arthur Clover Noggi & Winnie

winnie at 11yrs


 Ruth  24.9.1992 - 12.6.2006

Tiarum Trouble For Ragtail

BVA KC Hip Score 3:2 - 5

Ruth at SKC

Caleb Teddy & Ruth


  Never  8.9.2001 - 29.8.2014

McKerros Never Ending Story of Ragtail

BVA KC Hip Score 6:5 - 11


No - I've not been digging - no way


  Teddy   1996-2004

Ragtail Ready Teddy Go



   Caleb  14.9.1997 - 3.8.2013

Ragtail Back To The Future

BVA KC Hip Score 4:5 - 9

Kennel Club stud book no

Caleb with William Ferris

Caleb with William Ferris

Act like a moose

Dog on wheels

Caleb - Age 9 years


   Clouseau   1978-1989

Inspector Clouseau of Ragtail

Clouseau with Edwin


Clover 1979-1994

Balsin Alskie Clover of Ragtail

13 years

6 weeks

7 months 14 years


 Noggin  1986-1997

Ragtail Special Brew

Rachael saves Noggin from the puppies



  Arthur   1986-1996

Ragtail King Arthur

BVA KC Hip Score 2:2 - 4



Una  10.6.2006 - 29.7.2016

Ragtail As Good As It Gets

BVA KC Hip Score 4:3 - 7


Does my bum look BIG on this? Una - Ragtail As Good As It Gets

Flash 6.6.2006

Ragtail Flash Gordon



 Brass 18.10.2007

Ragtail Captain Brass

BVA KC Hip Score 6:3 - 9



Friends & Relatives 





Jordie, Junie & Jules



The dales Bopp - notice the empty dog bed!

Barb Oimas Airedales


Alice, Kimi & Dave Murray

Alice, Dave, June, Jules & Jordan

Monica DixonLeda - www.arcticairealaska.com Alice, Kimi & Dave  
Gus Williams - www.arcticairealaska.com Florence - recognise her on the beach mug?Cassidy WattHarry on the naughty step
Ike PoppyRhubarbBounty

Freddie Kingston

Henry and Louie Amicis Max Mayl - aged 12 Maggie Cockerill - honorary Airedale
Bounty Deer MollyReba McIntyre 13mths

LillyGrace & James AldermanPoppy Alltree

  HollyBriarRubyofMifoxLyraMouse & FloTed Robins


Champ Vom Ith  ( Champ Kueper from Germany)
Poppy Brady

Morgan Davidson as Clinker

Lola Culver


Abby Williams




More Ragtails

Never & Caleb

Ruth Caleb & Never



                                          Ragtail Flash Gordon


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