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The Airedale Terrier

 An Inspirational Journey into the Lives of Dogs
and Their Owners

Redsire Dogbooks, 2009

Authors: Helena Ardholm and Lars Gren

This is a new type of breed book, intended for everyone who loves
Airedale Terriers. It is filled with stories, articles and unique
photography collected from all over the world.

Conventional breed books focus on current history and famous show
dogs/breeding dogs but instead of that, this book shows what ordinary
-- and not so ordinary -- Airedale owners do with their dogs.

Most dog sports and working branches are represented thanks to owners
and handlers all over the world. There are also extensive material on
dog shows and family dogs, but also Airedale art and collectibles.

The book shows how versatile the Airedale Terrier is. It shows the
breed as it is today and what it is like to live with an Airedale
Terrier in your family. The book promotes the breed and tries to give
it a voice in the media, which seems more important now than ever since
fewer Airedales are born each year the world over.

If you would like more information about this lovely book please click the link below

Here is a sample page from the book