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Clinker The Coalman's Dog


When Clinker the Airedale tries to help with the coal deliveries things don't go as planned, so Clinker seeks help from his good friend Counter,  the gentle cart horse.

 Hardback with colour pictures printed onto the front and back cover.  Books cost £20 each  plus post & packing

 approximately 8.5" square , 65 pages with over 90 full colour illustrations.






Written and illustrated by Ann Curran

Please click on Clinker's picture below if you would like to read feedback

BOOK PRICE  £20 United Kingdom Pounds each + post

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Clinker Book UK

Clinker Book UK

USA, Japan, Australia, Canada and other countries outside of Europe

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Clinker Book All Other Countries



Clinker Book All Other Countries

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Tracked postage is included in the prices



Clinker Book Europe



Your book will be carefully packed ...

....just be careful who gets to open it !








Hi Ann,
I have received the book. I was overwhelmingly pleased and
excited about the book. I didn't realize until I opened the package and saw the cover, opened the cover and saw the artwork (and read the story) exactly what I was in for. It is beyond belief. You have captured the Airedale spirit, attitude and antics perfectly.

I am embarrassed to say, that I did not connect your "author" name with my "Terriers in School" print that is a prized possession. I went to the mat to outbid other bidders at our Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption Fall Fundraiser. It playfully adorns my guest bathroom wall for all to see.

The book is especially dear to my heart as 1. I am an Airedale owner and lover, and 2. I am from the state of Missouri home to the original Budweiser Brewery and the St. Louis Cardinal baseball team. Both of which, have the beautiful Clyesdale horses as their mascot, using them in all of their advertisements and ceremonies.

I am in the process of ordering 3 more copies if they are available. As I plan, to keep this copy wrapped safely away, I want a copy for me to read and touch daily, a copy to donate to our Midwestern Airedale Rescue Group (ATRA) for fundraising, and the other to our local Budweiser distributor, who also raises the beautiful Clyesdale horses at his farm.

Thank you so much, for sharing your beautiful artwork!
Linda Eccher
Missouri, USA


Your book "Clinker" is really gorgeous, the story itself is very cute and your drawings are outstanding- we enjoy reading and studying the pictures again and again. In German one would say you "put all your heart's blood" into the drawings of this outstanding race. We can compare Debbie's "mimes and gestures" and all her movements to your drawings- which puts lots of smiles on our faces. Today, my husband even took it to work,( he 's a nursery school teacher) and he told its story in German to the children who looked at the pictures at the same time. He told me they were all very quiet and concentrated and also laughed a lot about the drawings, some even tried to imitate the movements... that must have been something...:)
  So, thank you again for your beautiful book.
Best wishes, Kirsten from Lübeck