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Home of The Ragtail Airedale Terriers

Artist's Page

Ann Elston ( Curran)



The Artist


I like to paint, draw , rub things out and draw again ... and make a lot of mess. Sometimes there is even some sewing ... which makes even more mess over a larger area!

According to my Parents I was found under a gooseberry bush in the 50’s in the Wimbledon area (London) where I grew up. At that time, on Platform 8  there was a stuffed Airedale in a glass case.  "Laddie" had lived and worked in the Wimbledon area for many years collecting money for the railway children. He now resides in York Museum. I think I may have worn a rut into the pavement with my many visits to him.

Laddie at Wimbledon Station

Dog On Wheels made by Pedigree

My first Airedale was wood fill mohair and ran on wheels. After several rescue dogs and a Standard German Schnauzer I bought my first Airedale and named him Clouseau (Inspector Clouseau Of Ragtail) in 1978. His breeding was Wynadale lines.

Clouseau was such a wonderful dog, gentle, funny, clumsy, that within a year I had bought "Clover" a little girl Airedale, I was fortunate to obtain locally,  bred from Burdale lines. I have their G.G. Grandson Caleb, (Ragtail Back To The Future) now almost 15years and a Daddy himself.   Also Never, 10years,  her daughter Una who was born 10th June 2006 and her son Brass September 2007. You can see the dogs on the "Dog Gallery" page.

 Their hobbies include gardening (pruning, trimming, digging, rearranging  beds and borders, eating out, eating in, chewing, (dogs need to chew) watching TV and watching for opportunities, ie…..Guarding, and Hunt and Chase games. To keep their busy minds occupied they enjoy heelwork, retrieve, and other general dog duties under the heading of “Obedience” but which I like to think of as working games. They have also made up quite a lot of games of their own....................

In an attempt to keep up with their amazing abilities to read body language and memory, I have studied Canine Psychology through Cardonald College and The Animal Care College. On the medical side, working as Veterinary Nurse gave a good foundation of basic health care. Although I worked as an Artist for Forget-Me-Not greetings cards for a while, I have no formal training in Art, but the dogs are so expressive and busy it was inevitable I would attempt to capture their sense of fun, and beauty with pictures and ceramics.

Books  illustrated to date include:-

Clinker The Coalman's Dog. By Ann Curran, ISBN 0-9543345-1-5.

The Airedale Terrier Today. By Janet Huxley (illustrated breed standard)  ISBN : L-86054-L42-9

Walking with my Airedale. By Donald Miller (16 illustrations) ISBN: 1-903360-00-5

Thank you for visiting this site, I hope that you enjoy looking at my work
and photos.




         Ann Curran

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